“Monet” Painted Portraits

Have you ever wanted a beautiful painting made from a portrait? We are very proud to start offering our “Monet” style portraiture. Our artist creates a beautiful painting from the image that we compose. In this case, a client of ours had his daughter’s portraits taken in our studio a few years ago. He wanted an extra special gift for his wife’s birthday this year. Here is the result: sweet Katelyn at 1 year old. Happy Birthday, Kim . . . . we hope you are as delighted with your gift as we are!

Custom Painted “Monet” Style Portraits … start at $900.

2 Responses to “Monet” Painted Portraits

  1. Love the Monet-style portraits (as long as they are painted from such beautifully executed photographs as yours). Looking forward to more posts.

  2. James Hickey says:

    Thanks Jean. I will say, it does take the right type of portrait to accept the painterly look. If planned correctly, if can truly be a universal work of art.

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